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**I am in the process of closing down my practice for some time and am not currently accepting new clients.**

About Therapy

Sometimes people wonder, "What exactly IS therapy? How does it work? How can talking with someone help me?" This varies widely depending on the therapist's style and the client's needs, but here are some examples of ways that your relationship with a therapist can bring about change:

My Approach

The foundation of therapy is the belief that relationships can be healing for people. I view therapy as a dynamic process that happens in the relationship between therapist and client. The client's experience (i.e. how therapy feels to you) is one of the most important elements in determining whether therapy is helpful or not, so I like to talk regularly about your experience and whether we might change what we're doing in order to be more helpful to you.

I enjoy helping people to make sense of their past, but I believe that gaining insight is often less important than having a new experience. For example, understanding "As a child, I never learned to express my needs to others" is helpful, but it might be even more useful to actually practice expressing your needs and to experience having your needs heard by someone. While we will likely spend some time discussing events and experiences from your history (your childhood, past relationships, or things that happened last week), we will also spend time working with the feelings, thoughts, sensations, or images that come up as you talk. In addition, I hope to coach you in using other relationships in your life to practice new skills and behaviors.

My role is to support and fully accept what you're experiencing, while also taking an active part in helping you to get un-stuck and try out a new way of being.

Methods and Approaches That Inform My Work

Somatic Trauma Therapy:
For more about specific approaches I use to work with post-traumatic stress

About Me:
For more information about me, my background, and my training and experience

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