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Somatic Trauma Work

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is an approach to trauma treatment which helps people to reconnect with their resiliency and restore the body's natural rhythms through guided awareness of sensations, images, and impulses. It is a gentle, measured approach which works with small amounts of activation at a time, going at the client's pace. For this method, it isn't necessary to "relive" trauma or retell the details of what happened (although we can work with the story if it is helpful for you) - we seek to learn from what you're experiencing in the present moment and identify any reactions from trauma that are still happening for you.

Usually we begin by connecting with internal resources (positive sensations, images, or emotions); once you are more connected to feelings of safety, we can work with the symptoms or triggers that are causing difficulties in your life. Although SE can be practiced as a hands-on modality, I typically don't use touch. Instead, I help to guide your awareness and attention, following the lead of your body's wisdom, and asking: How is your system trying to move through trauma and move toward integration and wholeness?

I can provide sessions using SE as a stand-alone method, or it can be integrated with more traditional forms of psychotherapy.

I also enjoy offering SE as a short-term adjunct to other forms of therapy, in order to address specific somatic or trauma-related symptoms which aren't being resolved by talk therapy. If you're a therapist wondering whether your client might benefit from a few sessions of SE, I'm happy to consult with you about whether it seems like a good fit, and will collaborate with you to ensure we're on the same page with our goals.


I am a registered Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, certified through a 3-year training with Steven Hoskinson (2008-2011) which included over 230 hours of training, consultation, and practice.

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

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