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Therapy for Teens

thistle I provide both short-term and long-term counseling for adolescents, ages 14 and up. I really enjoy working with young people in this complex and challenging life stage.

I take a "whole person" approach to working with teens, focusing on their interests and re-connecting them with natural support systems (their family; supportive friends; teachers or other important adults; groups and activities; information/ educational sources).

Some areas I have particular experience in helping teens with:

A parent's goals for their child's therapy are very important, but I also help youth to set their own goals, encouraging them to take an active role in making counseling work for them. I strive for a balance between letting parents know what's going on, and maintaining a safe and private space for the young person to explore what's happening in their world. Whenever possible, I prefer to ask teens to communicate directly with their parents (rather than going through me), and will help facilitate this if necessary.

For more about my approach to therapy and some of the methods I use, see About Therapy.

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